Confessions of a Massage Parlor Madam Coming Saturday March 18th

The beginning of contentment for me starts with gratitude. Being grateful for everything that I have and experienced helps me to live with minimal regrets. My journey is unique and so is yours. It’s easy to look at what others have and get envious. “Oh I wish I had their career”. “I wish I had a fabulous lifestyle like that..” “I wish I had a wonderful husband and children like….” I have have come to an understanding that it’s fine to want nice things and security, but I might not get everything I see and its ok. Envy, greed, and covetousness is the recipe for misery. I embrace the good and bad in my life. Sunshine and Rain. I practice a FAITH that tells me I WILL be PROVIDED FOR. I Know that I will have HELP with my every need. Money was my God. On Saturday March 18th at the Producer’s Club NY I will be sharing my story “Comedic Confessions of a Massage Parlor Madam”. Buy Tickets for Confessions of a Massage Parlor Madam Here

Chris Rocks’s Wife Wants Half

Did she write half of his material? Did she perform any jokes on stage? What a ballsy biotch. Half???Naw, she doesn’t deserve it. Announcement to all married men looking for Divorces: It’s cheaper to keep her or you can start a new Civil Rights Movement. March on Washington for an Overhaul on Spousal support and financial settlements. In the words of Kanye, “We Want Prenup”! Chris you should’ve kept your assets separate. Your Mrs. Walked into the relationship with her ass as the main asset now you’re gonna be assed out of A LOT of Money. That’s nothing to laugh at.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Paris Hilton’s snobby little brother calls fellow airline passengers “peasants” in a fight. Wow, what an insult! He’s failed to realize that all the wealth that he enjoys was not created by him it was inherited. Wtf has he made or attempted? Everything is handed to him on a silver tray. His snotty uppity attitude makes me want to steer clear of the entire franchise. Peasant? Rude. This incident really underscores the income inequality that exists in our world. The haves and the have nots. Are you a peasant or a ruler? I’m a peasant and I’ll shall keep my shillings in my pocket and sleep outdoors not at the Hilton. #kissmysunshine #conradhilton #parishilton #incomeinequality #hiltonhotels

More safety at Jewish Schools And Gentile Schools

Jewish leaders are pressuring De Blasio to provide NYPD safety agents at religious schools. Initially I was a bit offended by this move. I thought, “Why should any children get special treatment or protections?”. That’s not kosher. However violence is increasing in the city. The Feds just foiled a bomb building plot by Queens resident and ISIS supporter, Munther Omar Saleh. If Jewish leaders want more security for their schools they should get it and so should all NYC schools. Especially the schools that are already plagued with shootings, drugs, and underachievers. Should we even call them schools? How about Babysitting centers? Baby making centers? Fashion shows? Time wasters? Social centers. Yes, social centers. Test scores reflect there’s more socializing than learning going on in these places. “Hey De Blasio could you send more “Instructional agents” also.”Apparently NYC teachers need back up. #jewishschools #jewishleaders #isis #nycschools #deblasio #nycteachers